CarabMap FAQ

CarabMap is a simple dynamic map based on "vetted" data, - that is:
occurrence records verified by the author and including data from museums and collections, literature, observations and online resources that are deemed to be plausible.
CarabMap is meant to be an index to occurrence records. More details can be found, e.g., through the GBIF portal, or upon request from the author.
This is a work in progress!

Search options are:
- valid names of species (binomina, consult the CarabCat-Checklist or Catalogue of Life for accepted valid names);
- gridcells (e.g., NE 47011d); and
- countries (names of countries and islands are based on the ISO 3166-1 standard).
The wildcard sign % can be used for incomplete search text strings (e.g., Trechus% - which will retrieve all Trechus-species in the database)
The result display is limited to a maximum of 5000 records (table rows) per search.


A 'gridcell' is the quarter of a cell in the 1 by 1 degree latitude / longitude grid (WGS-84) covering the world.
Gridcell numbers are concatenated strings consisting of the quadrant (NE, NW, SE, SW), followed by the latitude longitude values and a number for the cell quarter
(in all quadrants: a = upper left, b = upper right, c = bottom left, d = bottom right quarter).

Each pixel of the map image represents a gridcell which can be identified on the map image by its x,y coordinates.
For reading the map, just download it as .png file, open it with a program like MSPAINT (or GIMP),
zoom in, and the pixel coordinates of the cursor position will show up on the bottom left corner of the window (or bottom right corner in older versions).

47.82 N / 11.33 E near Seeshaupt (Germany) is in gridcell NE47011a, the corresponding x,y-coordinates of the map image are: 390,72
43.06 N / 79.07 W near Niagara Falls (Canada) is in gridcell NW43079d, the corresponding x,y-coordinates of the map image are: 209,81
23.28 S / 17.08 E near Rehoboth (Namibia) is in gridcell SE23017a, the corresponding x,y-coordinates of the map image are: 402,214
3.73 S / 73.23 W near Iquitos (Peru) is in gridcell SW03073d, the corresponding x,y-coordinates of the map image are: 221,175

Basis of record
Evidence for records is listed as:
"specimen" = preserved specimen in collection. Public repositories are listed with name of town and institutionID (e.g., Munich (ZSMC)).
"observation" = with name of observer
"database" = with name of database holder or online resource
"lit." = literature, with microcitation (e.g., CHAUDOIR, M. 1876a). A reference bibliography is in preparation (sample page).
"in litt." = unpublished information ("in litteris").

Recommended citation:
LORENZ, W. 2014 : CarabMap (Version 1.0). - (date of download)
Licensed under Creative Commons (BY, version 4.0).